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the granting of patents for algorithms=2C software ideas=2C data =

structures and information processing methods=2E In a directive =

proposal on 20 February 2002=2C the European Commission proposed to =

officialise this abuse=2C presenting it as a status quo=2E In fact=2C thi=
s =

is a considerable extension of scope of patentability=2C in breach of =

the spirit of the European Patent Convention that excludes from =

patentability mathematical methods=2C computer programs and =

presentations of information=2E =

The signatories are scientists and software innovators=2C each of which =

has contributed at his level to the extraordinary development of =

information technology=2E We draw the attention of the Members of the =

European Parliament to the danger that would arise from accepting the =

text proposed by the Commission as it stands=2E Acceptance of =

patentability of algorithms=2C of principles of software=2C of =

information processing methods or of data structures is scandalous =

from the view point of ethics=2C economically unjustified and harmful=2C =

would impact adversely scientific and technical innovation=2C and puts =

democracy at danger=2E =

It is ethically scandalous=2C because in today=27s world=2C knowledge=2C =

information and ideas can not be separated from their technical =

representations and the software that manipulate them=2E It would allow =

patent offices to further develop the giant auctioning of the domain =

of ideas and knowledge=2C when this domain was always considered as a =

precious common good=2C that can not be turned in anyone=27s property=2E =

It is economically unjustified=2C because the very arguments that have =

been used to justify patents for mechanical and chemical industries=2C =

or more generally manufacturing=2C do not apply in anyway to software=2E =

No need for software of those monopolies without which one could =

hesitate to build a production plant=2E Manufacturing can very well =

continue to patent their technical devices=2C whether or not they =

include software components=2C as have done for decades=2E But this =

protection must not be extended to software=2E Copyright protection for =

software has allowed the development of huge industries=2C without any =

need for patents=2E They would be not only useless=2C but also extremely =

harmful=2C because they would cast in concrete the so powerful =

oligopolies that naturally emerge in information-based industries=2C =

when we need on the contrary new instruments to create more =

competition=2E =

In the field of software and information=2C scientific and technical =

innovation needs the open exchange of ideas and knowledge more than =

anything=2C in contrast to the land grab of ideas=2E Patents would =

institute a giant tax on innovation=2C feeding a system out of control=2C=

servant of established positions=2E =

It puts democracy at danger=2C since the tools of public expression=2C of=

debate=2C of media=2C of public consultation are critically dependent on =

software=2E How can one imagine to create private monopoly statute for =

this essential basis of tomorrow=27s democracy =3F =

Patent offices and some technocrats of intellectual property have =

demonstrated an imagination without limits in order to justify the =

auctioning of what belongs to the public against the spirit of their =

charter=2E We urge the Members of the European Parliament=2C whatever =

their party affiliation=2C to adopt a text that will make impossible=2C =

clearly=2C for today and tomorrow=2C any patenting of the underlying =

ideas of software (or algorithms)=2C of information processing methods=2C=

of representations of information and data=2C and of interaction =

between human beings and computers=2E =

- Andr=E9 Arnold=2C Professeur d=27Informatique=2C LaBRI=2C Talence =

- Henk Barendregt=2C Prof=2Edr=2C Foundations of Mathematics and Computer=

Science=2C Faculty of Science=2C Toernooiveld 1=2C The =

- Jan A=2E Bergstra=2C Instituut Informatica=2C University of Amsterdam=2C=

The Netherlands
- Mark van den Brand=2C General Secretary of the European Association =

for Programming Languages and Systems=2C Centrum voor Wiskunde en =

- Maurice Bruynooghe=2C Editor in Chief of Theory and Practice of Logic =

Programming=2C Professor=2C Katholieke Universiteit Leuven=2C Heverlee=2C=
 Belgi=EB=2C =

- Luigia Carlucci Aiello=2C AAAI and ECCAI Fellow=2C Full Professor of =

Computer Science=2C Roma=2C Italy
- Bruno Courcelle=2C Professeur d=27Informatique=2C Vice-Pr=E9sident de =

l=27Universit=E9 Bordeaux I=2C LaBRI=2C Talence=2C France
- Pierre-Louis Curien=2C Directeur de Recherches au CNRS=2C Directeur de =

l=27UMR Preuves=2C Programmes et Syst=E8mes=2C  Universit=E9 Denis Didero=
- Philippe Flajolet=2C Prize Award 1986=2C Corresponding Member of the =

French Academy of Sciences=2C Member Academia Europaea=2C and Dr Honoris =

Causa=2C Brussels=2C Directeur de recherches=2C INRIA=2C France=2C =

- Maurizio Gabrielli=2C Professor of Computer Science=2C Dipartimento di =

Scienze dell=27Informazione=2C Universit=E0 di Bologna=2C Bologna=2C Ital=
- Manuel Hermenegildo=2C Full Professor=2C Departamento de Inteligencia =

Artificial=2C Facultad de Informatica=2C Universidas Politecnica de =

Madrid=2C Boadilla del Monte=2C Spain
- G=E9rard Huet=2C Member of the French Academy of Sciences=2C Member =

Academia Europaea=2C Herbrand Award  1997=2C Directeur de recherches=2C =

INRIA=2C France
- Neil Jones=2C ACM Fellow=2C Full professor of Computer Science=2C =

University of Copenhagen=2C DENMARK
- Paul Klint=2C Prof=2E Dr=2E=2C President of the Board of the European =

Association for Programming Languages and Systems=2C Head of Department =

of Software Engineering=2C Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica=2C
Amsterdam=2CThe Netherlands
- Herbert Kuchen=2C Prof=2E Dr=2E=2C Westf=E4liche Wilhems-Universit=E4t =
M=FCnster=2C =

Institut f=FCr Wirtschaftsinformatik=2C  =

M=FCnster=2C Germany
- Markus Kuhn=2C Lecturer=2C University of Cambridge=2C Computer =

Laboratory=2C Cambridge UK
- Jean-Jacques L=E9vy=2C Directeur de Recherches=2C INRIA=2C France=2C =

Also Professeur =E0 L=27Ecole Polytechnique=2E =

- Ramon Lopez de Mantaras=2C ECCAI Fellow=2C European AI Award=2C Full =

Research Professor=2C IIIA - Artificial Intelligence Research =

Institute=2C CSIC - Spanish Scientific Research Council Bellaterra=2C
Catalonia=2C =

- Alan Mycroft=2C Reader=2C University of Cambridge=2C Computer Laborator=
y=2C =

Cambridge=2C UK=2C =

- Robin Milner=2C Turing Award 1991=2C Fellow of the Royal Society of =

London=2C Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh=2C Founding Member of =

Academia Europaea=2C Holder of six honorary doctorates from five =

countries=2C Winner of Italgas Award 1991=2C Ex-head of the Computer =

Laboratory=2C Cambridge University=2C University of Cambridge=2C Computer=

Laboratory=2C Cambridge=2C UK
- Ugo Montanari=2C Professor=2C Dipartimento di Informatica=2C Universit=E0=

di Pisa=2C Italy
- Maurice Nivat=2C EACTS Award 2002=2C =

Attainville=2C France
- Bengt Nordstrom=2C Professor=2C Department of Computing Science=2C =

Chalmers University of Technology=2C G=F6teborg=2C Sweden =

- Brian Randell=2C Emeritus Professor=2C and Senior Research =

Investigator=2C School of Computing Science=2C University of Newcastle =

upon Tyne=2C UK
- Willem-Paul de Roever=2C Prof=2E Dr=2E=2C chair of Software Technology=2C=

Institut f=FCr Informatik und Prakt=2E Mathematik=2C =

Christian-Albrechts-Universit=E4t zu Kiel=2C Germany
- Lorenza Saitta=2C ECCAI Fellow=2C Full Professor of Computer Science=2C=

Dipartimento of Informatica=2C Universit=E0 Amedeo Avogadro=2C Alessandri=
a=2C Italy
- G=E9raud S=E9nizergues=2C Godel Prize 2002=2C Professeur d=27Informatiq=
ue=2C =

LaBRI=2C Talence=2C France
- Carsten Svaneborg=2C Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research=2C =

Theory Group=2C  Mainz=2C Germany=2C =

- Andrew S=2E Tanenbaum=2C Professor of Computer Science=2C Division of =

Mathematics and Computer Science=2C Faculty of Sciences=2C Vrije =

Universiteit=2C Amsterdam The =

- Wolfgang Thomas=2C Full Professor of Computer Science=2C Lehrstuhl =

Informatik VII=2C RWTH Aachen=2C Germany=2C =

also supported by (not yet EU citizen / EU resident)=3A =

- Jerzy Tiuryn=2C Full Professor=2C Institute of Informatics=2C Warsaw =

University=2C Poland

-- =

Xavi Drudis Ferran

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