[Debian-miniconf] Minutes from today's meeting

Margarita Manterola margamanterola at gmail.com
Sat Nov 30 19:13:47 CET 2013


We had a long but productive meeting today.  It was nice to meet the
group.  This is a summary of the things that were discussed (which
were a lot),

University - Networking:
 * We were told that ssh connections to the outside work, and there
are supposedly no restrictions.  However, we think this is probably
not true.
 * We will get a username and password for the weekend, but if
possible we would like to get that in advance to check that everything
works properly.
 * Alex M. will try to get in touch with the network administrators at
the university to discuss access and restrictions without having to go
through other people.
 * Doing video streaming is optional, but if we do it, we would need
to have access to at least one ethernet port per talk room (if we have
more than one).
 * We need to know the Video Team requirements, both with and without streaming.

Univeristy - Access Control
 * We will need to hand out badges.  However, this doesn't necessarily
mean having them printed.  We could have blank badges and just have
people fill in their names (or nicknames) on arrival.  Having them
pre-printed would be nice, but it also implies more work.
 * We should have a bunch of signs distributed around the info point,
the talkrooms and the hallways telling people that they should be
careful, watch their belongings and that we are not responsible for
anything that might happen.
 * It would be nice to know if we could have a room with a lock, so
that we can leave things (like luggage or equipment).

Call for papers:
 * We don't want talks talking about women in technology, women in
free software, etc.  If there's a local group that wants to do a
talk/debate on this matter, on Friday, we could point our attendees
towards that, but nothing else.
* We should have a template of what the people should fill in to send
in their submissions.  Things to include: title, description, language
(English, Spanish, Catalan), recording preference (video, audio-only,
nothing), country where the speaker is coming from, whether they need
economic help and how much, any other comments.
* We would like to have a private alias/mailing-list for receiving the
submissions.  e-mails to that address should go to the Talks Team.
* We might be able to sponsor some of the speakers, and we need to
word this carefully in the call for papers (we can't promise
* Deadline for submissions: February 1st.  For announcing the program:
February 15th.

 * We already have some prospective sponsors.  We need to be able to
handle the money.  Since there seems to be no local association that
usually handles this amount of money, we would probably be better off
delegating this into other organizations that normally do this (SPI
for the US, ffis/debian.fr/debian.ch/some other? for Europe).  This
still needs to be worked out.
 * The main big expense is going to be covering travel and/or
accommodation for the speakers.
 * Other smaller expenses include: badges, banners, t-shirts (for orga)

* In case someone needs a visa, we would need to write invitation
letters, this could probably be done from the University.  However,
any other thing related to the visa will have to be handled by the

 We discussed the name for a while, because it's currently a bit
confusing.  It seems that most of the consensus is to call it
"MiniDebConf Barcelona 2014".  And include the women-speakers topic in
the explanation (and possibly logo), but not in the event name.

Time schedule:
 Talks would normally be allocated 45 minutes in a 60 minute slot, so
that people have 15 minutes in between talks, for socializing, speaker
change, video team work, etc.
 A tentative schedule would be to do: 10-13, lunch, 15-19 on Saturday,
and 10-13, lunch, 15-17 on Sunday.  This depends a bit on how many
talks we get. It allows people 2 hours for lunch which seems right
taking into account that they would need to go out into a restaurant
and order, which takes time.
 We discussed having "coffee breaks", and thought that instead of
having a break in the schedule, people could get coffee in between

Free time:
 It would be nice to have some activity on Friday and/or Saturday
night, but if possible we would prefer if other people organized it.
i.e. if a women (or other minority) group wants to organize a party,
we can point our attendees towards that.
 Another option would be to make a reservation in a bar or restaurant
big enough to handle the group.  Possibility: Antigua Fábrica Moritz

 We would like to have a place for kids, so that parents with kids can
also come to the event.  This is currently blocked by the University
saying that they would not give us a room for this.  Possibilities:
ask again, make a point that this would likely increase the
possibilities of attending for some women; rent a place near-by;
dedicate some space of what's already allocated to us.

Next meeting:
 * Wednesday Dec. 11th, at 22:00 CET, on IRC.


We spent a while thinking about the different teams that will be
involved in the organization.  Named them and some of the tasks for
each of them.  There are more tasks, though, so each team should make
sure they are listed in the wiki.

- Talks Team
 + We need to get non-local people to participate in this team (Marga
will send mail to debian-women mailing list)
 + We want a mail alias/list (Marga will try to get this ASAP).

- Design Team
 + We need a logo for the web and the banners, and we need to design
the T-shirts
 + We would like to include some women from Debian Women here (Siri? Pixelgirl?)

- Sponsors / Finance Team
 + Main task: get sponsors, either local or international.
 + Ugly task: deal with the money transactions and paperwork
 + Idea: Crowdfunding
 * Current members: Marga, Alex M, Simò (for the crowdfunding part)

- Press and Web Team
 + Beautify the wiki
 + Create a page with tips for accommodation / food. Get people to
state where they are staying (if the want) (Alex C.)
 + Make one wiki page where attendees can "sign up" (just list their names)
 + Handle social media
 + Once the call for papers is ready (before Dec. 8th) publicize it
through all relevant places (Debian News, Debian Planet, etc)
 * Current members: Mònica, Max

- Volunteer organization and Logistics Team
 + We will need between 10 and 20 volunteers (depending on the amount
of talkrooms and how much work we ask from them)
 + We may need more volunteers if we are going to do full video
coverage à la DebConf.
 * Current members: Mònica, Alba

- General coordination
 + We'd like to have a point of contact that is private, for people
that do not want to write directly to the mailing list


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