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Adrià adria at fsfe.org
Sat Mar 1 14:49:46 CET 2014

Hi there,

I'm pleasntly surprised because of a friend of mine, who is designer,
give us a proposal as a contribution to the event. I did not expect.
You'll can find it at [0].

It's a gift so we can use for free. Although it isn't made by free
software, we can get the sources.

If liked, please consider it in tomorrow's meeting.

According to her, some guidelines below:
- Versions 1 and 2 expect show the meaning of this conferences (women
  as a coders). Versions 2, in addition, have a Debian related command.

- Versions 3 and 4 try to meet Barcelona, using a typical skyline, and
  conference. Versions 4 are in a geeky style.

- Black versions are suggested to T-shirts and badges. Magenta can
  suit for banners or roll-ups.

- Logos can run in any suggested color.

- Feel free to change anything.

- Final logo(s) could be impress-friendly (vectorial, with margins,
  CMYK and this kind of stuff which I can't understand).

Finally, due to she isn't subscribed, feel free to contact me for any
request, comment, suggestion or whatever.

[0] https://probeta.net/m/d/m_0301144836154_minidebian_dones.pdf
Adrià García-Alzórriz
GPG Key: 09494C14
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